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Hitman Slots is the high drama, big jackpot version of the violent classic video game, Hitman. Developed by Microgaming, this five reel fifteen payline slots game takes the best and most violent elements from the Eidos Interactive video game, making this an online slots game that really is 18+.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the video game Hitman, players are put in the shoes of Agent 47, a shaven headed, business-suited professional hit man. The aim of the Hitman game was to use stealth, cunning and technical know-how to assassinate a series of criminals and bad guys. The Hitman Slot game is similar, and requires the player to use all their covertness when spinning those reels, in order to line up those treacherous symbols.

Gruesomely realistic graphics, along with adult storylines, violence and strong language made Hitman somewhat controversial, but despite protests, the Hitman games have enjoyed enormous popularity, and we see the Hitman slot machine being just as successful amongst online gamers. Plus, with an online slots’ sequel in the works, which is tentatively titled Hitman 2: Absolution, it looks like the Hitman franchise will just get bigger and bigger. For more information on the sequel to Hitman, see our page, Hitman 2: Absolution.

How to Play Hitman Slots

The Hitman video slot machine features five reels and fifteen pay lines. Graphics are photo-realistic, with symbols including knives, guns, drugs, the Hitman insignia, an 18 symbol and Agent 47 himself. Players must match up as many symbols as possible in order to find their target – which is of course, to gain as many coins as possible!

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Getting Started. The first thing you need to do as Agent 47 in Hitman Slots is decide how many lines you want to play and how much you want to stake on each line – you stake anything from 0.10 to 75.00 per line. A BET MAX button allows you to go for the kill directly if you want to play the maximum number of lines, otherwise you’ll need to adjust the line number to suit by clicking the LINES button. The number of coins and lines you have elected to play appears in a corresponding window so that you know exactly where you stand.

Spinning the Reels. When you’re ready, hit the SPIN button to set the five Hitman slots reels in motion. As will all online slot machines, the reels come to rest from left to right, and then your active pay lines are automatically checked and any prize awarded immediately. There are 31 winning combinations of symbols, and full details of these can be obtained by clicking the VIEW PAYOUT button. Fans of the Hitman games will be delighted to see that even the payout table is beautifully illustrated with Hitman imagery.

Hitting the Win. When you have a winning line you will often be treated to a short but nevertheless impressive animation. We won’t give away too many secrets here, but we will say that you’ll see Hitman Slots Agent 47 going about his business just as you would when playing the game itself. These snippets of movie-like action are almost as enjoyable as the cash you win, especially when you are brand new to the game, so play in full-screen mode with the volume turned up if you want to make the most of the explosions and cut-scenes when you hit a win.

Hitman Bonus features

Hitman SlotsThe Hitman video slot machine boasts not one but three excellent features in the bonus department. Two of these are on the main screen and the third is assigned a second screen all of its own:

If you have played any of the Hitman video console games then you will love the way that the Hitman video slot machine captures the essence of Agent 47’s career. Even if you haven’t played the console game, you will still appreciate Hitman as one of the best slot machines to come along for years. In every sense of the word, this game is a hit.

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The Hitman Game

Hitman originally appeared as an Eidos Interactive game called Hitman: Codename 47 for the PC in the year 2000. The star of the game is a bald-headed assassin known as Agent 47 – a name derived from the last two digits of a barcode that he has tattooed on the back of his head.

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